I have a dream

Looking for 37000 hearty people in the world who could give a hand to help my dream become true

About me

My name is Dace. I am 36 years young. I live in the most beautiful country in the world – in Latvia. Have You heard about it? And I hope to stay and live here till great age. With five grandchildren as minimum:) I love sports dance with all my heart. Enjoy singing and writing as well.

I have a BIG DREAM. This dream is comprised of two parts:

1)  First part – about 37000 people in the world surronding me to help this my BIG dream come true and

2)  afterwards – the book writing about this Big dream journey in the whole world also!

I wish to inspire people to do anything to make their dreams come true. To believe in yourself! Be brave! Stop to afraid! No matter what anybody else could say about it! It is very important not to give up and try to find a way how to realise your dreams!

Everyone who will help to come this Big dream true, will be mentioned in my book „Thank You pages” also!

Yes, I am aware of the fact my dream is something absolutely exclusive. But nevertheless I will try to.

In 2006, when the only thing that definitely should not be done, but many people did encouraged by beautiful future (including me) – was the acquisition of apartment by taking the loan from the bank. It was the time then everybody believed –  in order to repay the loan, just sell the property and things are done. A few years later real estate bubble blowed out and the price of property lowered for 2 to 3 times.  Starting from 2007 it is impossible to sell the apartment in order to repay the loan. Moreover, the apartment was sold with unnoticeable mold at the moment of purchase.

The vicious circle in my life was started. One-bedroom apartment with 42 square meters unlikely will pay 44 thousand euro ever again as it was in the moment of purchase in 2006. It is impossible to break out of this vicious circle by my own.  Yes, I know, nobody else is responsible for it.  Nevertheless, I have this Big dream. My Big dream worth of 37000 EUR.

So the answer to my question: is that possible for 37000 hearty people give a hand to help this huge dream come true, without judging and without criticisingjust so simple to help this huge dream come true, I will find out in the nearest future. And I have started to write the book about it also. Book about my Big dream journey  in the world.

Hope it will be really exciting and interesting for each of You. Inspirational book about miracles happening in our lives.

About hearty strangers who can give a hand to help this huge dream come true!

You can contact me by e-mail: dacepavlovica@inbox.lv or skype: dace1433.
Thank you very much for reading this story. If it is possible for you to help my Big dream come true, my PayPal account is: dacepavlovica@inbox.lv.
Believe in your dreams and do everything to fulfil them. No matter how crazy they are.  When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Dream Big.

Respectfully Yours, Dace Pavlovica

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P.s. I would love to offer one story. If You have time, please read it.

Prayer to Heaven

 /Written by Dace Pavlovica/

“Where are You? ” The little girl stared at the sky.

“Help me,” she softly whispered. “I need Your advice.”

She lay down on the meadow. Meadow’s flower scent surrounded and bird song embraced the little girl closed her eyes.

” You’ve always been by my side. Always, ” she thought. “At the moment I really need your support. Help me to hear you! Please, ” the girl continued.

“Please , show me the way! The way which I should go. The path You have intended especially for me. That path, You will be proud to see me going through, “she prayed sincerely.

Girl ‘s eyes suddenly filled by tears. “No, please, please, help me not to cry! I don’t want to cry anymore. I just ask – allow me to see My way. Let me hear you!” The girl continued to pray.

Birds chirped and bees busily collected honey from flower nectar at this colourful meadow, but the wind playfully toyed with blades of grass. The girl was lying in the middle of meadow with eyes closed.

“Rise up!” She suddenly heard a firm but benevolent voice. “I am with You. Rise up! Open Your eyes! Look! You have to go there!” The voice urged.

Girl wiped the tears. She obediently stood up and looked in the direction indicated by the voice.

“But there is nothing at all! There is not even quite narrow paths, “she breathed desperately .

“I will not be able to do it, I am not strong enough for this way.”

” Why do you seek for the path? The path on which someone has already walked? ” The voice was sincere. “Do you really think that Your way will be trailed by someone else? The way that is intended just for You? ”

The girl became confused. “But how can I get not lost in this way? And how can I know where to go further? How do I know the way? ” Questions rained like pearls.

“Oh, You, little girl ,” the voice kindly continued. “As long as You can hear

Me, you will not get lost! And as long as You want to hear Me, You will have the strength enough to go Your way. ”

“How can You know so safely? ” The little girl was puzzled.

“Your path is the path of Heart. It will take You to the way, where You should go. Yes, there will be different tests time to time. Occasionally You will experience doubts. There will be a desire to stop. Maybe even get to sleep. Overcome it. And keep going. Only in this way you will find what You are looking for. Just in this way You fully will understand the most important thing and You will be able to implement it – to implement Your major task in this world, ” the voice continued to intrigue.

“Will You tell me, what is that task? Will you say, please, what is my Great task in this life?” The girl asked with great curiosity.

“You already do it,” the voice mysteriously said. “And it started with the moment when You arrived in this world … “